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Paula Kibbe, School Committee Member


Paula Kibbe is passionate about kids and providing them with a secure future through education.  She is a mom to two boys who attend Carver Public Schools, is married to Mark and has lived in Carver since 2003.  Elected in 2008, Paula proudly serves the on the School Committee doing her best to offer ideas that will strengthen or enhance policy; creatively address challenges and provide the best possible educational environment for the children of Carver.  Paula sits on various sub-committees and negotiations teams, is a member of the Carver Elementary School Council and volunteers in her sons’ classrooms once a week.  She was a founding member of the Citizens for Carver Elementary and has gathered much community support for our schools, in addition to fund-raising for education-related projects.

Paula is a Regional Director for Paradigm Associates, a management consulting company, and hopes to expand their “Rising Stars” youth leadership development program throughout New England.  This program enables today’s youth to develop character, confidence and values that promote understanding healthy behavior. 



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