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Accounts Payable & Grants
"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
Warren Buffett


For Students, Parents and Taxpayers

The School Department procures goods and services to support the staff in the  delivery of the curriculum to our students. Costs are considered very carefully in relation to the goods and services needed to ensure we put the maximum amount of resources toward our students. The Fiscal Year 08 Procurement List is a sample of how sound procurement practices enable the Business Office to provide value. 

For Vendors

The School Department and Town run a weekly Accounts Payable warrant to pay for goods and services received in timely manner. We receive countless solicitations from vendors looking for new or more business. Prospective vendors can increase their chances of doing business with the Carver Public Schools by including the discount from the MSRP per item, and, if available, the state or collaborative contract number the good or service is covered under.


Grants supplement the general operating budget with funds to support programs in accord with the School Department's Mission. Grants provide funding for a variety of programs and provide value to the Carver Public Schools with additional staff, supplies and services. The School Department applies for and obtains entitlement and competitive grants from the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and from other public and private entities. The prior year's grants are included here for reference.

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